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I am a licensed Makaton tutor. You can learn Makaton with me either online on Zoom

or in person.

Click here for current online workshops.  

Taster sessions

If you are new to Makaton, why not try a Makaton Taster session? 

These short sessions are designed for people who are interested

in finding out more about Makaton with the opportunity to learn a

few signs and symbols too. Participants receive handouts covering

the vocabulary they have learned and general information

regarding further Makaton training and Makaton resources.


                                                                               Levels 1 - 4                                                                                                                                                                                                   These focus on the core vocabulary from the Makaton Language                                                                                           Programme. By completing all four levels you will learn 450 signs                                                                                         and symbols from Stages 1-8 of the core vocabulary, plus additional                                                                                   vocabulary. You will also learn more about the Makaton Language                                                                                       Programme. 

    You will receive an official Makaton Manual for each level you attend                                                                                                                                                       

The Makaton Safeguarding Workshop is designed to support professionals and carers of children and adults with severe communication and learning disabilities. The workshop builds on existing knowledge of signs and symbols and provides instruction for extra signs and symbols specific to this area of need and access to further resources.

Participants are invited to consider differing protocols and practice. Activities of the workshop will enable participants to consider how the vocabulary may be safely applied to promote communication for people who use Makaton within a range of levels and contexts.

This unique workshop provides signs and symbols for a range of vocabulary covering a number of topics:

  • People: family, relationships and people around us

  • Body parts and clothes

  • Places

  • Feelings: feelings, thoughts and behaviours (including bullying and abuse)

  • Sexual behaviour


Makaton Frontline Workshop for General Wellbeing

Suitable for professionals and families to support Makaton Users

with wellbeing, feelings and choices. 

Includes two sets of useful signs and symbols to support

and promote effective communication.

Training can be delivered to individuals or can be arranged with your organisation or workplace. 

If you are interested in training, please email

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